A Hello from the Dongsaeng

Well, hi! I’m Sera.^^

A dongsaeng with many (fictional) oppas, and a college student with a terrible, but not unwelcome, K-drama addiction.

Growing up with a Korean mother, dramas have always been a part of my life. Though, back then, rather than all the rom-coms and YA stuff I enjoy now, I’d just watch whatever adult melo my mom would switch on. We’d huddle up on the couch and relish every face slap, wrist grab, and *dreamy sigh* kiss.


Then there came Boys Over Flowers. Yes, yes. *slow nod* Like many others, this drama was also the one that completely opened me up to a new world. There was just something about it that felt new and refreshing. And just plain AWESOME. That missing oomf that American TV can often lack these days. Then there was Heartstrings, and then Dream High. The list goes on. Now I try to get into every drama I can, sometimes leading me to watching five or more at the same time (safe to say I don’t have much of a social life). Hopefully, down the road, I can share the shows that have had the most impact on me while we also find new ones together.

Let the drama begin!



About SailorJumun

Psh, who said you're too old to fangirl over fictional characters?
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