Yoo Seung Ho Delivers All the Angst in Remember’s Newest Teaser & Posters


Hells. Yes. I have been waiting for SBS’s Remember—War of the Son to air ever since I heard Yoo Seung Ho was onboard. This will be the first post-army project I’ll be seeing him in (his first comeback to Dramaland was the light comedy, Imaginary Cat, which premiered last week, but it’s not available anywhere online yet), so to say I’m excited is one big understatement. In fact, when I first saw the official posters had been released, I actually gasped out loud…and scared my roommate. *Ha, fail*

Anywho, the first poster is a very lovely, soft shot of Seung Ho Oppa and co-star Park Min Young getting all snuggly on a blanket out by the train tracks. I like. Very simple, very romantic. The next two posters take a completely different turn and make a stop into Angst-ville. They’re nothing special, but, eh, still pretty nonetheless. The last picture below even gives off a slight Sherlock Holmes kind of vibe. And, of course, Seung Ho’s expressions are spot-on for me. I can already feel that he’s going to nail this role.

I just don’t think I’m ready to see the poor puppy go through all the pain. The latest teaser shows him getting attacked with raw eggs and being accused of being a “murderer’s son.” I just hope Min Young’s character, as well as Park Sung Woong‘s character, are able to help him get through the inevitable war he has to face. Hang in there, Oppa. Watch the teaser here.



Remember—War of the Son follows Yoo Seung Ho as a lawyer  with an intensely precise memory, also known as hyperthymesia. His father is accused of murder and he tries whatever he can to get him off death row. However,  Yoo starts to show signs of Alzheimer’s and must hurry before he loses both his memories and his father. 

Premieres Wednesday, December 9th.


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