Unfinished Business: Dramas I Had to Drop


You’re Beautiful (2009) – It’s a classic and I’m ashamed down to my bones that I still haven’t finished it. But I got myself into too many spoilers and lost the will to continue. This is one of the few I might go back to in the future though. 

Baby-Faced Beauty (2011) – Jang Na Ra is great, but the first few episodes couldn’t keep my attention. It’s too bad, because I absolutely LIVE for noona romances.

Love Rain (2012) – I don’t remember much of what happened in the show; I only remember wanting to pull my hair out every five minutes.

Faith (2012) – Started out so great, and I got so far (all those hours…gone ㅠ_ㅠ) but it got so annoyingly repetitive. Such a waste of great characters.

I Miss You (2012) – Ugh, Jesus. Okay, look, I like Yoon Eun Hye, I like Yoo Seung Ho, and God knows I love Yoochun and his goofy self, but this show was just Too. Freaking. Sad. I never like seeing bad things happen to good people over and over AND OVER again. Like, seriously, give these poor guys a break. I may be used to melodramas, but this was just ridiculous.


Arang & the Magistrate (2012) – Another one I think is worthy of going back to. It was an interesting premise, but the plot was moving a bit slow, so I moved on to other shows. Eventually, I kind of forgot about it.

High School: Love On (2014) – Why? Whyyy, High School: Love On? You were so unique and adorable, and then you went downhill. Boy, did you go downhill. You really should’ve been 12 episodes long instead of 20—that way you wouldn’t have needed to add all the useless drama.

She’s So Lovable (2014) – No. Never again.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015) – First episode bored me, but I stuck around for Hyun Bin. Around episode 8, I accepted that even he couldn’t save it for me.

The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days (2015) – I had high hopes for this one since the director worked on some of my top favorites (I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio), but the fact of the matter is that this remake of the Taiwanese hit was way too over-hyped. I expected greatness and all I got was blah.


Are there any dramas you decided to kick to the curb after one too many episodes? Any you think you could maybe revisit?


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