Welcome to the Dark Side: Cheese in the Trap Finally Gets its Chilling Edge


Now we’re talkin’. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been eating up all the cutesy posters and teasers tvN has released for the upcoming webtoon-based drama, Cheese in the Trap. They came off as zappy and fun, just like a real webtoon.

However, fans of the original story know that the male lead Yoon Jung (portrayed by Park Hae Jin) isn’t the everyday crush in school. He’s popular, he’s handsome, and he seems nice, but something about him is just…off. Kim Go Eun‘s character, Hong Seol, gets these weird vibes from the very beginning, and I’m happy they’re showing that angle to the story now.

The latest teaser shows Park finding Go huddled in a corner late at night. He calls out to her, “Seol. So this is where you were,” and tries to grab her hand. By her reaction, we know we should probably be afraid of this guy.

I’m just wondering how dark they’re willing to go. If they are going that far, then I think it was actually a smart move for the advertising to start off with the (excuse the terrible pun) cheesy promos and then gradually show us what’s lying underneath all the fluff.

Needless to say, I’m sooo pumped to see what they have in store. The only question left is whether I should wait for the drama or continue reading the webtoon…Gah, decisions, why you so hard? Watch the teaser here.






Cheese in the Trap is a slice-of-life drama following Kim Go Eun as a university student who finds herself drawn to the most popular boy in school, only to discover that there’s more to him than what everyone else sees. The closer she gets to him, the more she unravels.

Premieres Monday, January 4th. 


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