Mama’s Picks: I Have a Lover


So, my mom and I still have our little drama-watching bonding time (where we pretty much ban my dad from the living room) every day when I’m home from college. In fact, as soon as she gets home from work, the first thing out of her mouth is “One, two, three! Drama START!” which is my cue to plug my laptop into the TV and get the magic goin’.

She usually trusts whatever I choose to put on the screen and we always have a good time (right now, she’s just as hooked on Remember as I am). But there are times when I want to watch my own shows in peace and she wants to watch her own. With me, that’s usually the high school shows I know she won’t watch, and with her, that’s the family shows. The one she can’t get enough of these days is the weekend melodrama, I Have a Lover. And it’s exactly what the title suggests.


The drama stars Kim Hyun Joo (I recognized her as Jun Pyo’s older sis in Boys Over Flowers, ha) as a successful lawyer struggling with her marriage. Her husband shown in the picture above feels like she cares more about work than her family and eventually grows interest with a much younger girl. Thus, we have our title.

I’m usually unable to watch shows with these kinds of storylines simply because I can never fully sympathize with a cheating character, even if it’s real love. Two people can be destined to be together and I can want them together with all my heart, but if one or both of them is already married, it leaves me feeling… off. I don’t want to say ‘icky,’ but for lack of a better word, I might have to.

Forbidden romances are honestly the most satisfying to watch—especially when we get to see a couple overcome all of their obstacles—but for me, breaking a marriage is going too far. So no matter how much I might like the story, it’s hard for me to watch anything with cheating themes. I tried with Secret Love Affair, and I just couldn’t get into it. Yes, Yoo Ah In was a lovely sight, of course, but I wasn’t going to root for him just because he’s hot AF. Not to say the drama wasn’t well-made though, because it definitely was.


My mama was hesitant to pick up I Have a Lover one up for similar reasons. She thought the idea of watching a marriage break apart wasn’t worth her time. But once she got herself into the first episode, she was all in. She told me she found herself relating to Kim Hyun Joo’s character and the marital themes the drama explored.

Since she got so caught up in the show, I wanted to see what it was that made her like it so much. But in all honesty, it just made me want to reach into my laptop and choke the living daylights out of the husband. In this case, his affair only stung worse because his loveline with the second female lead felt more like an impulsive fling than love. It makes me so ANGRY that he made such a huge mistake.

I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but within a few minutes, I already considered the lovable second male lead as my favorite character of the show. He makes the viewing experience a whole lot more tolerable, and even somewhat enjoyable. I mean, just look at this dork:


All in all, this comes highly recommended by the mom. From what she’s seen so far, she gives it 5 out of 5 stars.


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