“Angels” of One More Happy Ending Make their Debut


The first teaser pictures for MBC’s One More Happy Ending have been released and, boy, are they cavity-inducing. The shots give us a good look at the drama’s female cast portraying a former idol group called—you guessed it—Angels. And I have to say, they look pretty legit to me. It almost makes me feel like I’ve teleported back into the early years of K-pop with the crimped hair and retro bubblegum setup.

We also get the girls’ individual shots, all equally adorable. In fact, a little too adorable…how…how do they all manage to look younger than me?! Jang Na Ra, especially. With her baby face and small frame combined, I’m starting to wonder if she’ll ever look a day over 25. Nonetheless, she looks fresh and beautiful as always, as do her co-stars and band members, You Da In, Yoo In Na and Seo In Young. I do hope their friendship will turn out to be just as cute as their posters.

I also wonder how long the drama will focus on the past, because I’m definitely not opposed to seeing the group’s glory days and how their lives were in the show business. Who knows, maybe it’ll only be shown in flashbacks. Either way, I’m looking forward to whatever the writers have in store for us. Angels, fighting!





One More Happy Ending is a romantic comedy about women who were once in an idol group. They now have different careers, but still keep in touch with each other. The female lead, Jang Na Ra, is one of these former group members and is now a marriage consultant, while the male lead, Jung Kyoung Ho, is a single father who works as a reporter.

Premieres Wednesday, January 20th. 


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