5 School Dramas You Should Watch this Semester


The start of a new semester. You know what that means? Less time for dramas…Boo. But as my fellow peeps know, you MAKE time for dramas. Even if it means losing more sleep. Now, school dramas are a great way to unwind from homework and just chill with some relatable characters. Some dramas are like utter heaven, while others just feel like even more homework. Luckily, many recent dramas were the former.


1. Angry Mom (★★★★☆) – Ironically enough, I watched this drama with my mom, and we both fell in love with it. The idea of a mom disguising herself as a high school student sounded so wacky on paper, but this is one dark, gripping story of corruption within the school system. You fall in love with these characters and watch them go through hell, but you can’t help but power through to see justice prevail. And let’s not forget: this drama gave us our Bok Dongie.


2. Twenty Again (★★★★☆) – Another story of an ahjumma going back to school, but in this case, college. However, if Angry Mom was too dark for you, Twenty Again will satisfy you with all its light fluff. It’s awesome to see this heroine take charge in her life in order to find her own happiness. Whether that happiness is another chance at education or the cutest dimpled admirer ever, you’ll love rooting for her.


3. Sassy Go Go (★★★★☆) – This is what high school dramas are all about. This is what high school is all about. This drama was able to understand exactly what being in high school is like and deliver all the feels. It’s got the first crushes, the close friendships, the parent issues, the stress of a better future, and most importantly, those passionate dreams we all carried. At times, I questioned the characters and their motives, but overall, a very fun watch.


4. Answer Me 1988 (★★★★★) – This drama, like the two previous Answer Me series, to me is like one nice, hot pot of ramen. It just gives you that sense of home and comfort by focusing in on the little things in life. It’s so engaging that these characters start to feel like your own friends and family. And as tradition, this Answer Me also plays that aggravating Who Does She Marry? game, but it knows when to dial that down, thankfully.


5. Moorim School (?) – This doesn’t get a rating yet since it’s only two episodes in, but not gonna lie, those two episodes were pretty damn cool. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Harry Potter, and I’d have to agree. It’s got a touch of fantasy but is also very modern, reminding me of all the supernatural shows on the CW these days. Hope this ends up being a good one.

Honorable Mentions:


Cheese in the Trap (?) – Another drama currently on the air. I feel as though the writers know what they’re doing, so I’m positive this is already a hit in the making. Like the Answer Me series, it feels real without the usual K-drama shimmer. You know people like Seol or In Ho. You’ve lived through the same college problems. But it’s the intriguing mind of Yoo Jung that especially reels you in. Like our heroine, you’re just dying to find out what his deal is.


Who Are You: School 2015 (★★★☆☆) – It’s got fantastic elements such as mystery and suspense while handling the serious bullying problem in Korea. With so much greatness mixed in, it’s impossible to stop watching. Unfortunately, that freaking love triangle just soured the whole thing. In the end, how much it frustrates you depends on which ship you choose. And man, did my ship go through a tough storm…Yeah, you know who you are. *cough*


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