First Impression: Madame Antoine


Another rom-com? For me? *hugs Sung Joon Oppa* Oh, you shouldn’t have. Madame Antoine is another drama to hit the market about a fortuneteller claiming to have a psychic connection with Marie Antoinette when she’s really just good at reading people. She’s roped into an experiment conducted by a psychotherapist determined to prove that true love is nothing but a bunch of hormones.

Male Lead: Sung Joon‘s been in a lot of projects lately, but I don’t really think I’ve loved any of his roles since I Need Romance 3 (though to be fair, that character was unrealistically perfect, so it’s hard to top). He plays a lot of unreadable jerks, but I’m happy to see that though he is a jerk in this as well, he’s entertaining. Like So Ji Seob in Master’s Sun, he manages to be that adorably funny jerk rather than the straight-up boring jerk you want to strangle. It’s easy for Sung Joon to fall back into his stoic manner, so I love when he lets loose in roles like this.

Female Lead: Han Ye Seul‘s character, thankfully, isn’t too much of a romantic to see past this jerk. She’s strong, independent and unwilling to take any bullshit. Because of that, they do a lot of the usual K-drama bickering, but I like that it’s a little deeper than that. They’re both intrigued by each other in that he sees her as an interesting test subject and she sees him as this closed-up guy she can’t quite understand like her other clients.


Side Characters: Everyone outside of the main leads only feel like sidekicks right now, but I’m willing to give it time since it’s only been two episodes. Give me some more depth, writers!

Story/Writing: This show does remind me of High Society (Sung Joon’s last drama) with the whole romantic female lead having to break the male lead’s disbelief in love. High Society failed on so many levels in its execution, but I think that kind of story does fit better in a rom-com like Madame Antoine rather than a melodrama about chaebols.

Overall Yay or Nay? Yay-ish. I’m glad to see Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul back onscreen in something more fun, but the show hasn’t really hooked me in like One More Happy Ending did. It may need a little more time to do so.

Worth Continuing? However, I do see a spark in their chemistry, so I’m curious to see how it goes. I’ll be sticking around for a while, at least until I see Han Ye Seul wipe that smug, scientific know-it-all look off Sung Joon’s face with some cuddles.



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