First Impression: One More Happy Ending


Ooh, boy, the ridiculousness of this show sure does bring back my Fated to Love You memories. One More Happy Ending is the newest Wed-Thurs drama about four young women who were once in a popular idol group and now face several train wrecks in their love lives. And at the head of all those train wrecks is Jang Na Ra, the group’s leader turned divorce marriage counselor. So, I’ll get straight to the point: I already want to marry this drama. And this is why.

Male Lead: I’ve yet to see any of Jung Kyung Ho‘s previous dramas, but after seeing this, I might have to put a few of them on my list. His character, Song Soo Hyuk, is hilarious, but in that amazing unintentional way. It’s like he doesn’t even try; he’s just a natural dork. There was one scene in episode 1 that had me rolling on the floor where he tried to be a hero and save Jang Na Ra’s character only to fail so, so miserably.

Female Lead: Jang Na Ra’s character Han Mi Mo (how cute is that name?) is like one tiny, little fireball. I love how her image in her girl group was so sweet and innocent while in reality, she’s quite loud and crazy, in the best possible way. Her spunky personality paired with Soo Hyuk’s is like a match made in Heaven.


Side Characters: Everyone seems pretty well-rounded so far, but out of all the girls, Yoo In Na was a standout for me. She’s a very exaggerated character—a thirty-something year old virgin just dying for romance—but she takes that character and rolls with it so well. Besides Na Ra’s, I’m most excited for her storyline.

Story/Writing: There are a lot of obvious cliches, like Mi Mo having the typical jerkface boyfriend in the beginning, but all of the wonderful wackiness does help me forget about most of them. It is wacky to a point that it’s a little unrealistic, but hey, I think that’s part of the fun in rom-coms.

Overall Yay or Nay? It gets a big, enthusiastic “ABSO-F*CKING-LUTELY” from me. With all the dramas I’m watching right now, especially Remember (good lord), this is a total bright spot for the middle of the week.

Worth Continuing? Oh, yeah. Like I said, I need a drama purely just for laughing my ass off, and I think this is the perfect one. I’ll be sure to jump straight into One More Happy Ending after my inevitable weep sessions for Remember.



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