Kim Jaejoong’s NO.X Album Review


Now, I pay more attention to Dramaland than K-pop (I really only follow a few groups), so I’ve tried to just stick to dramas on this blog. However, Mr. Kim Jaejoong is my ultimate bias, therefore this must be done. I feel that I should emphasize this though: Outside of my friends and family, Jaejoongie is hands down my most favorite human being. Like ever. So needless to say, this will be a pretty biased review. Actually, not even a review; it’ll just be me gushing over him and his perfect little self. If you’re all right with that, let’s get to it!

But, first…why Jaejoong? Well, just look at that man. He’s so beautiful that it’s actually kind of maddening. (;¬_¬) However, that angelface is merely a 0.1% of why his fans adore him all the way down to his bones. For some, they fell for his incredibly versatile voice or his weird-as-hell (yet endearing) personality. And though those are all major factors that had me swooning to no end, it was his combination of admirable strength and intense vulnerability that’s made him irreplaceable in my heart.


Obviously, the poor guy has been through A LOT, even before the whole TVXQ ordeal, and he, for sure, exudes every ounce of that emotion in his music. On the one hand, it’s great because it makes his songs all the more moving. But, then, it also hurts me a bit (okay, way more than a bit) to hear and see the pain he’s clearly feeling when performing. Watch him sing “I Said I’m Sorry” live and you’ll know what I mean. It’s hard for me to watch him sometimes because I just wanna wrap him up in the biggest hug and keep him safe from all the evil in the world.

Thankfully, I believe his music is Jaejoong’s own form of self-healing, while at the same time, it’s also managed to heal plenty of his fans, myself included, creating a wonderful connection. He’s well-aware of that connection and he cherishes it, which is probably why he was so scared to enlist and be away from us for so long. Despite his fears, I doubt his fans will ever break their promise of waiting for him, just as he’s kept his promise of making up for his absence with this album.

With that said, it’s time to jump into the good stuff—the songs!


Track 1. Good Morning Night – YES. So, so fun. This is the kind of track that’ll lift your spirits up instantaneously. The best way I can describe it is as a song that would be playing in the background as someone throws their paperwork in the air like “Screw it.”

Track 2. Drawer – If I had to pick a favorite (ughhhhh too hard, dammit), this might be it. I live for his ballads, and this joins the list of the ones that get the tears a-goin’. It’s actually quite a soothing song to listen to, but the lyrics just…oooooomph… *cries into pillow*

Track 3. Love You More – Can we just talk about that rap? Who allowed him to do that? WHO? Ha, seriously though, when I first watched the MV and that little breakdown came up, I did not know how to react. So I shoved my laptop aside and walked away, feeling very personally victimized.

Track 4. Love You to Death – Listening to this actually makes my ears melt. Again, feeling attacked here, Oppa. What are you trying to do to me?

Track 5. Good Luck – I don’t know why, but this track made me laugh so hard. I think it’s because I could totally picture Jaejoong rocking out to this on stage, which is always a sight to behold. His rockstar persona makes me giddy.

Track 6. All I Desire – Um… Is this supposed to be sexy? Because, holy crap.


Track 7. Welcome to My Wild World – *drops everything and salutes Oppa* That is all.

Track 8. Breathing – He is on a roll with all these ballads. Every single one of them hits a different note within me, and “Breathing” is no exception.

Track 9. All That Glitters – I take it back. This is my favorite. Maybe. Ack, I don’t knowww. But, I’ve definitely listened to this the most thus far. Something about it is just sweetly addicting.

Track 10. Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again – Reading the lyrics for this straight-up killed me. It’s beautiful, but it honestly brings back that ache when I miss him too much (especially knowing he wrote it as a farewell to his fans ㅠㅠ) so it’s only been played the entire way through two or three times.

Track 11. You Know What? – You know what, Joongie? You are too cute for words. As is this song. It stands out of this album like a warm light, capturing that fuzzy feeling of being a total idiot in love.

Track 12. Run Away – Helllllllllllllllllllll, that voice. *crawls into corner and rolls into a ball* That low register just… Gah. I love discovering all the different things he can do with his vocals. It’s like he has absolutely no limit.


Well done, Oppa. Your hard work shines in this album, and I hope you’re happy with the finished product. I know I am. And I’m glad to see it doing so well on the charts in so many countries. Makes a fangirl proud.

Personal Rating: ★★★★★ / Objective Rating: ★★★★★

Watch Jaejoong’s music video for title track “Love You More” here.


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