First Impression: Please Come Back, Mister


Wow, this is certainly a… handful. I’m not exactly sure how to react to the latest body-possessing rom-com/melo Please Come Back, Mister, but I’m almost 95% sure that I like it. There were a lot of different characters, plotlines and emotions (sooo many emotions) thrown at us at once, so I felt like I had to sprint just to keep up with it.

I had some major laughs but felt conflicted when things suddenly turned to tears. It was like going from one extreme to another, and instead of feeling smooth and cohesive, it just felt jarring. I love my wacky comedies and I love my angsty melodramas, but good lord… By the end of the first episode, I felt exhausted. I’ve been looking forward to this drama for a while though, so I needed to watch the second episode as well before writing a decent First Impression post. Thankfully, the second episode did save it for me. So, I will keep watching, but with a very wary eye.

(*After the pictures below, there are a few spoilers from both episodes 1 and 2.)

ahjusshi6  ahjusshi2

Male Lead: Rain doesn’t show up until the very last few seconds of the first episode, but he made up for it bigtime in the second. He’s so good at making me believe that this ahjusshi’s spirit is really in his body. The way he talks and the way he marvels in his new fine-ass physique is just on point. It’s like this ahjusshi, Kim Young Soo, is taking Rain’s body out for a joyride and he’s having the time of his life. Not only is his comedic timing great, but the emotion is there as well. When he comes across someone Ahjusshi Kim hates, and Rain fearlessly stares him down, I can practically see Ahjusshi Kim’s own hatred radiating from Rain’s eyes. Does that make sense? I feel like describing this show makes me sound insane….

Female Lead: I can say for sure that Oh Yeon Seo is the main female lead, but there’s no way she’s Rain’s love interest. Not while the other ahjusshi, Han Gi Tak, is possessing her body, at least. But, eh, you never know. This drama is probably crazy enough to pull off anything. Nevertheless, Yeon Seo, like Rain, takes advantage of every second she’s onscreen. I think she overacts a bit in certain scenes, but she’s still killing it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the subway scene when she mercilessly kicked the pervert’s balls sky high. Her face right there was freaking amazing. Ahjusshi Han probably isn’t too pleased he came back in a woman’s body, but for us, it’s gold.


Side Characters: The ahjusshis Kim In Kwon and Kim Su Ro possessing Rain and Yeon Seo are technically the leads, but since they probably won’t be seen as much after the first episode, I’m considering them side characters for now. Their story took up the entirety of episode 1, and I am glad because after getting to know them for an hour, I’m genuinely saddened by their deaths and relieved that they get a chance to go back. Along with them, we’ve got a whoooole lot more side characters. We got a good round of introductions for the first week’s episodes, and I already sympathize with most of them, especially Lee Min Jung and Lee Honey.

Story/Writing: Here’s where things get iffy. Because some parts are truly hilarious and crazy, the sudden transition to the sad scenes are hard to take seriously. I know we’re dealing with the deaths of two loved ones here and it’s supposed to be sad, but I don’t know… I feel like it shouldn’t be a big deal for me because practically every drama goes from laughing to crying in the span of five seconds. I’m used to that. Something about Mister just didn’t instantly click with me. Maybe I need to watch it again.


Overall Yay or Nay? I think it’s a toss-up. You’ll either like it or you won’t. I’m leaning towards a “yay,” but I definitely need to see more before I’m all in. Hopefully, the drama will settle into the right flow as we continue.

Worth Continuing? Like I said, I’ll keep tuning in. When it gets to the body-swapping hijinks, they are the best. And I do mean the best. You keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Ahjusshis.


Yes, you are, Rain. Yes, you are.


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4 Responses to First Impression: Please Come Back, Mister

  1. LadyBunny says:

    thanks, great write up! this drama is def yay for me^^


  2. Blue says:

    So are you all in now? I think I felt just like you, but dropped it by episode 3. But maybe you still enjoy it?


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