And the Biggest WTF Award Goes to… Cheese in the Trap


…Are you fucking kidding me?

Cheese in the Trap was already becoming an inevitable car crash I couldn’t look away from, but… seriously? They actually had to put in a literal car crash?!

*sighs* Look. The show was pulled down by many, many issues after the halfway mark with the whole controversy, but this was just low. I honestly find the car accident trope as the laziest possible way to move a plot forward. And to see a show that once held so much potential throw that in (at the last moment, no less!) makes me want to claw my eyes out. I feel hurt and utterly betrayed, Cheese. So I’m breaking up with you. Hmph.


I’m sure most of my anger is from the slow buildup of more and more car accident scenes appearing in dramas, but Cheese really did deliver the final blow that took me over the edge. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to be mad at the show for already! In fact, I don’t recall ever being this mad since the High Kick Through the Roof controversy. Thanks a lot, Cheese, for bringing up those terrible memories. *shivers*

Can we stop with the Trucks of Doom and the speeding cars that never brake for pedestrians? I understand that Korea is notorious for car accidents (I’ll admit that even I was almost hit by a car once while crossing the street in Seoul), but I can tell that a lot of these dramas are hurting or killing off their characters in traffic accidents simply because it’s easy or because they don’t know what else to do. Depending on the drama, sometimes it works, but you can’t use it in every single story.


And, come on, what did this car accident even do for our characters in Cheese? I mean, sure, it made everyone realize In Ha was borderline insane, but it did NOTHING. Nothing to improve the story. It only pushed Jung away from Seol, giving us one of the worst ambiguous drama endings ever. What was that? I don’t even want to try to decipher the ending for the sake of my own sanity. Just…ugh.

I’m done.

Overall, the drama was enjoyable and addicting from time to time, but because I’m so bitter over the ending, grading this was a little more than difficult. I can’t deny that it still managed to be a good show, so objectively, it gets four stars, while it only gets three on my personal scale.


If you haven’t heard much about the Cheese in the Trap controversy, here are some noteworthy articles:

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A Koala’s Playground, “Cheese in the Trap Turmoil Behind the Scenes as Park Hae Jin Openly Voices Displeasure with Story Direction”

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