Status Report: Descendants of the Sun (Episodes 1-8)


With it being the halfway mark in Descendants, I thought I’d weigh in and give my thoughts of everything so far. It’s definitely my crack drama of the season, which is a title I don’t easily give to just any drama. There are dramas I enjoy tuning into and then there are dramas that I just lose my damn mind over. I watch every episode maybe five times while waiting for the next, I read every recap and article I can find about it on Tumblr… You know how it is. 

But on to the main attraction~ I love this show to pieces and can’t wait to talk about it.


Favorite Character: Yoo Shi Jin (duh), Kang Mo Yeon, Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo. Can they all be my favorite? Every one of them is so interesting to watch, each having their own little quirks, like Shi Jin having the ability to say cheesy lines and still be smooth AF. And when they all interact, magic happens. Whether they’re all business or goofing off, it plays out wonderfully onscreen. I’d love to see those grumps go on a double date.

Least Favorite Character: Manager Jin. Just go away, dude. You deserved way worse than that punch by Dae Young for endangering two lives for a couple of diamonds.

Favorite Episode: Episode 8. So far, the show has had some comedy-heavy episodes and some emotional-heavy episodes, but episode 8 was a perfectly executed mix of the two. For every time I cried, I would be rewarded with a scene that made me laugh without it feeling too sudden. And that ending! It freaking made the entire series. I’m sooo embarrassed for Mo Yeon… Oh, the complete and utter horror of literally having your feelings announced to the world. I feel for you, girl, I do, but I’m so glad it happened. *diabolical laughter* Sorry, but Shi Jin really needed that confirmation that this wasn’t just a one-sided love happening on his part.


Least Favorite Episode: Episode 3. It’s so tempting for me to skip scenes when a couple fights because I seriously hate watching two people who obviously care about each other try to purposely hurt each other. Just, no. Pettiness can be cute if done properly, but other times, it makes me wanna bash the couple’s heads in. At least Shi Jin and Mo Yeon quickly made up for it in the following episodes with immediate apologies and explanations. It’s so nice to see that even with Shi Jin’s frustration and Mo Yeon’s wavering, they’re still able to smile at each other at the end of the day.

Favorite OST: “Talk Love” by K. Will. I was taken by this song the moment I heard the instrumental in episode 1. I wasn’t even (too) annoyed that the instrumental played like three times almost back-to-back in that same episode. It’s such a happy tune with lyrics that, as the show goes on, are so on point.

Least Favorite OST: “Everytime” by Chen ft. Punch. This decision was hard since I actually love this song (and every other song on the soundtrack). I love it by itself, but whenever it pops up in a scene, it doesn’t really seem to fit. I think they’re just choosing the wrong scenes to place it in, because whenever it starts playing, I react as if a song on my iTunes suddenly opened.


Praises: Beautiful cinematography, excellent cliffhangers, cliche-breaking couples, and well-rounded characters. Not only are the main four great, but almost every single side character grips my attention when they show up. And they all get a decent amount of screentime, as if the writers prepared the entire cast with detailed back stories. That’s one of the best things a writer can do: make side characters feel like more than just side characters.

Issues: Awkward music cues, overuse of slow-mo, and the questionable villain Argus. We’re halfway in, and we still don’t know too much about this guy except that he used to be buddies with Shi Jin and now he’s left the soldier life for the dark side. I wanna know more about what his deal is. He can’t just be doing it for money, right? Something had to have happened to get him to this point. With the last few episodes being busy with the earthquake disaster, the character of Argus feels really neglected, so I hope he steps it up next episode.


Worth Continuing? I’ve noticed a lot of people dropping the show for its glaring imperfections (some of the ludicrous medical practices, for instance), but I was able to get sucked into the world of the drama and the characters’ stories, so it’s perfect for me. Is it overrated? Mm… yeah. But She Was Pretty was also highly overrated and it was still my crack drama at that time. *shrugs* You love what you love. That’s how Descendants is for me so far, so I plan on staying till the end. However, like Mo Yeon’s fear of loving Shi Jin, I have the same fear that loving this show too much will hurt me in the end. I can sense a big death coming and I don’t like it. I don’t! >.<


How do you feel about Descendants now that we’re halfway through? All in or just not that into it?


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