Top 10 Side Characters That Deserve Their Own Dramas


Side characters are great; they add some humor, a little extra angst… But sometimes, they’re just so well-written or well-portrayed by the actors that being a side character isn’t enough. Which then leads me to pout at the end of a show and scream to the drama gods, “I DEMAND MORE!” These are the characters I just wish had had more screentime and that I believe could carry their own show. Talking about it may just make me sad that these shows will never happen, but… *sighs* I’ll just have to deal. 

(*In no particular order.)


1. Tae Kwang from Who Are You—School 2015 – This was my first case ever of having Second Lead Syndrome, and sheesh, it was painful. The show didn’t exactly make it easy on me either, giving him so much screentime, especially with the female lead Eun Bi. Tease, much? Outside of that blasted love triangle, I really was invested in his backstory. So invested that I was kind of shell-shocked to slowly figure out he wasn’t the main lead. He was that typical loner with mommy and daddy issues and even friend issues. He just seemed so achingly alone. And, of course, he had to go and make it worse, masking his pain by being a total rebel and jokester. Those kind of characters know exactly how to mess with my feels. Apparently, the same didn’t go for Eun Bi, but that’s fine, I guess. *grumbles*

(Just a side note that I did like first lead Yi Ahn as a character, but the way the drama manipulated its audience, focusing so much on Tae Kwang and leading it nowhere, did not sit well with me. Frankly, I felt cheated and taken advantage of. >.>)


2. Bok Dong from Angry Mom – Gah, more teddy bear rebel boys. You know what? They should all just come together and become best friends. Bok Dongie, meet Tae Kwangie. You both have had some rather crazy lady problems, so you should get along swimmingly. Although in Bok Dong’s case, I wasn’t mad at the drama like I was with Who Are You. There was no way his crush would’ve ended well, and I understood that. It worked. Still, I wish we could’ve seen more of him. Angry Mom was totally Kim Hee Sun‘s story and she, as well as the rest of the cast, was fantastic. But, here, Ji Soo felt like a first lead who was given a secondary role. There was this overwhelming feeling that his character had so much story to offer, and we didn’t get a chance to see it all.


3. Shin Hyuk from She Was Pretty – I loooved Shin Hyuk, but not at all because I wanted him with the female lead. I was all aboard the Sung Joon/Hye Jin ship, and I adored Shin Hyuk strictly on his own. I was pretty disappointed at the end since the teasers made it seem like Shin Hyuk would be paired with Hye Jin’s girlfriend, Ha Ri, and I liked that approach. Wasted opportunity right there (sadly, She Was Pretty had a lot of wasted opportunities). Though I did love him and his Jackson together, it never felt romantic to me. They seemed more like two goofy besties than two people in love, so whenever he got a little pushy, I would cringe. But that’s just me. *shrugs* I know many people would argue. Nonetheless, Shin Hyuk was the best. He was so outrageously funny and… just such a loveable weirdo. God, was he weird.


4. Tae Sun from Secret Garden – I swear to God, this isn’t just because I’m obsessed with Lee Jong Suk. Really. *cough* I don’t know, I just loved his character here. Such sass. And his one-sided love…ughhhhhhhhhhh. Stab my heart with a fork, why don’t you. I remember wanting to marathon all his scenes once, and realizing it took sooo much fast-forwarding. Sometimes I forget he was barely in it (from what I remember, his scenes only made up about 20-30 minutes of the entire drama). But do I still occasionally go back for him anyway? Yes…


5. The prince’s ducklings from Rooftop Prince – I loved the main couple, but these three goons definitely made the show as fun as it was. At times, it felt like they were just there for comic relief, but they also gave the drama so much heart. They were all each other had after being stranded in present-day Seoul, and seeing them all bond and long for their Joseon home together was so amazingly sweet. And I can’t imagine ever loving one over the other; they’re pretty much a package deal. I’m sure that’s how Prince Yi Gak felt about his precious kiddies as well.


6. Cap and Yoo Rae from Pinocchio – Come on now, Pinocchio. You can’t just throw in a tease for a potential couple and leave us hanging! I love the show, but the ending left a lot of plotlines open-ended (Um, hello? What happened with Hyung?), including the supposed romance between boss and subordinate. At first, it seemed random for the writers to throw in the hints so late in the game, but it strangely worked. So why didn’t it go anywhere, huh??


7. The Milky Couple from Dream High – One of the cutest of the cute. Whenever the show turned to their little love story, it was such a welcome breath of fresh air. They gave off the perfect vibe of young, innocent love that’s always so satisfying to see play out onscreen. My only issue is that they were too cute. Too cute for my poor, weak heart. Thankfully, the drama gave them a well-deserved spotlight, but me being greedy, I still want more.


8. Lawyer Park Dong Ho from Remember – To be specific, the Park Dong Ho of the first four episodes. His intro was like “BAM! Stand back, bitches. I’m #1 in this industry.” The way he walked, talked, and even handled his business was dripping with so much charisma. But, way too soon, he lost the personality, the flamboyant suits—pretty much everything that made him fun. It was such a shame to see someone as confident as him get pushed down by the baddies. It’s understandable considering what happened in episode 4 (the dude obviously lost his will to fight back), but I’d love to see another legal drama with Dong Ho and his amazing suits back in action.


9. The Crazy Editor from Flower Boy Next Door Kim Seul Gi has played many noteworthy side characters (give the girl her own show already!), but this one is freaking iconic. Flower Boy was filled to the brim with wacky characters and situations, and Seul Gi still managed to stand out for me with her as this snappy, sleep-deprived webtoon editor. She even got her own romance, which I really wish I could’ve seen more of. I never really like it when a drama gives a couple a few short, cute scenes and then suddenly shows them together at the end. But to be fair, that’s really just nitpicking on my part.


10. Byung Hee from Shut Up Flower Boy Band – This dude was only in it for two episodes. Two?? Not enough! Not enough, I say! He was that one friend that everyone has who seems to have a screw (or two) loose, yet at the same time is kind of a genius. I’d love to see maybe a prequel of what happened with him and the rest of his buddies before… *sniffs* Yeah. Just put all the boys back in and show us some fond memories. The Middle School Days of Eye Candy? I’d watch the hell outta that.

Honorable Mention:


Jae Shin and Shi Kyung from The King 2 Hearts – How great were these two? It’s not often I’m as invested in the second lead couple as much as the first leads, but they were just too cute to ignore. These two aren’t officially on my list just because I think they got their fair share of screentime and I was (mostly) satisfied with their story. Except for, you know… Actually, no. Let’s just pretend that never happened. Nope, never. Don’t even know what I was talking about…


Are there any more side characters or side couples you’d gladly watch an entirely new drama for?


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