The End is Near… My Thoughts Before the DotS Finale


“I wonder if the movie we didn’t get to see had a happy ending… or a sad ending.”

Well, Mo Yeon Unni, I don’t know about that movie, but Descendants of the Sun better get its happy ending. No buts about it! I want my happy ending! *crosses arms*

Okay, tantrum over.

It’s been quite the crazy journey for us DotS fans, especially now that we only have two more episodes—*insert quick fangirling*


—and a heap of various predictions as to how the show will wrap up. I’ve read a few very interesting theories, while I made sure to stay away from any claims made by viewers who have apparently already seen the ending (I’m not sure if I believe these people’s reports, but you can never be too safe). Though I’m sure we all want that happy ending, the drama’s not-so-subtle foreshadowing has been making us a little uneasy.

For me, Joong Ki Oppa’s character Yoo Shi Jin hadn’t felt safe for one moment this entire drama, and with all the talk and promises of the future our couple had, it seemed even more likely that the big climax of the finale would be Shi Jin’s tragic demise. Since, let’s be honest, the drama doesn’t have an actual plot, the only thing we’ve been building up to is whether or not Mo Yeon’s fears of losing him will come true. At first, I did want him to die (just for story’s sake, I swears!), but episode 14 changed my mind.


Now that we’ve witnessed one epic near-death experience, I don’t think he’s really going to die in the end, nor do I want him to. If he was, I almost feel like episode 14 should’ve been the finale. We had Shi Jin dying after saving a friend (that short-lived bromance was amazing BTW) and becoming the victim, while it was Mo Yeon’s turn to be the savior. I saw it all mapped out in my head and it seemed pretty solid…

The problem is… that turnaround should have been saved for last. Now that the writers have already done this, the character of Shi Jin feels safe. I mean, they can’t let him die after that, right? If they do, then what was the point of saving him? That’s at least what I’m telling myself.

I can only imagine how worse it would be for Mo Yeon. She’s in a constant cycle of horror and then relief, thinking he’s gone and then miraculously getting him back. Watching that cycle in a drama is aggravating, but I remind myself that that’s probably how it is for real military girlfriends and wives. They can go from perfectly happy to devastated like *snaps* that. It’s reality and I get that. But… arghhhhhhh (I love this drama, I do, but it also gives me severe headaches).


The preview at the end of episode 14 was a total scare, but I’m suspicious that they’re just trying to troll us again. We know how good they are at that. So how will it really end?

Will Shi Jin die? Will Mo Yeon have to return to the Uruk beach alone?

Will he live and get to go to the beach with her, as they planned?

Will someone else die?

My own prediction is that the news Snoopy brings is Shi Jin being missing in action. Mo Yeon will be upset, she’ll assume he’s dead… And then we’ll get a scene where he just shows up and surprises her. It’s cliche, I know, so I do hope the drama is smarter than me and does something even better.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed DotS ever since its premiere (I think we can blame the romance for that), but because the drama has developed so many plotholes, giving me a sad or open ending may make the entire experience of watching feel like it wasn’t worth it. This drama got a lot of laughs, tears and Awwwws out of me, and it’d seriously suck for a bad ending to come and erase any of that. All I ask, DotS, is that you bless the Song-Song couple with a chance to be together and happy. With babies. Lots and lots of babies.



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