The 10 Stages of Finals Week As Told By K-dramas


It’s time to whip out the textbooks and the tissues (they should seriously just make textbooks waterproof already) for that dreaded time of the semester. Yes, Finals Week, we meet again. You’re still a couple of weeks away, and yet, you’re already rearing your ugly head. Well, bring it. I call thee out to another duel.



Stage 1. When you feel totally prepared and ready to schedule everything beforehand. “I got dis.” (She Was Pretty)



Stage 2. When you kick back with some ramyun and your favorite dramas, assuming you still have loooads of time to study later. (Girl Who Sees Smells)



Stage 3. When you finally get to your notes and realize you’re so freaking screwed. (Nice Guy)



Stage 4. When your desk isn’t even visible anymore because of all your shit. (The King 2 Hearts)



Stage 5. When anyone tries to approach you during that awful period right before the tests. “I will cut you.” (Flower Boy Next Door)



Stage 6. When everyone gangs up on the teacher, begging for a curve. (School 2013)



Stage 7. When you and your friends meet up just so you don’t have to suffer alone. “We might as well die together.” (Modern Farmer)



Stage 8. When you wake up after staying up studying for three days straight. “Wha… What year is it?” (Healer)



Stage 9. When you take one look at the test questions and immediately get the urge to bolt. (High School King of Savvy)



Stage 10. When you see your grades and seriously wish you hadn’t. “FML.” (Sassy Go Go)


Shirtless Rain Bonus:


Don’t worry, guys, we’ll get through this! Beat those finals to the ground! Fighting~!! 


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Psh, who said you're too old to fangirl over fictional characters?
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