Top 10 Most Anticipated Dramas of Summer 2016


We sure do have an exciting summer ahead of us. The next drama season is building up to be a hell of a good one, with so many unique stories and so many actors returning to our screens. We’ve got medical dramas, sageuks and rom-coms… Doctors and witches and ghosts, oh my!

So make sure to mark your calendars. It’s gonna be a busy few months…


1. Oh Hae Young Again (Premieres May 2) – No one seems too pumped for this drama, but I think it could be a good time. I could use a nice, fluffy romance right now. The two women above share the same name, with one always being overshadowed by the other. Seo Hyun Jin will be playing our main girl and underdog, and Eric will be her main man, who apparently has the ability to see the future and wants absolutely nothing to do with either Oh Hae Young. From what I’ve seen, Seo Hyun Jin is looking and acting exactly like her Let’s Eat 2 character, but, hey, I loved that character, so I’m not complainin’. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll make Oh Hae Young her own person.


2. Mirror of the Witch (Premieres May 13) – Aside from that crazy age difference, this is looking spectacular. I mean, it literally looks spectacular. The cinematography from the teasers is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the posters… Phew. So much pretty. I love the aesthetic of sageuks, and the promos for Mirror have really reminded me just how beautiful and ethereal hanboks can look on camera. The story itself is about the legendary Joseon physician Heo Jun and a princess born with a curse. Again, the age thing is a little scary, but I won’t get too critical until I actually see it.


3. Lucky Romance (Premieres May 25) – The colorful, cutesy vibe from the teasers is definitely bringing my She Was Pretty feels back. But since Lucky is based on a webtoon, I’m looking forward to way more plot. SWP was fun and addictive, but mostly just a lot of filler and fan service. It did reaffirm my love for Hwang Jung Eum in these zippy rom-coms though (yeah, she can be screechy, but I still find her hilarious). This time, she’ll be playing a fortune-obsessed heroine given the belief that if she doesn’t sleep with a male virgin born in the year of the tiger, she’ll die. Who will be her special tiger? None other than AM 1988‘s heartbreaker Ryu Joon Yeol. I am so in.


4. Doctors (Premieres June 20) – I’m not the biggest fan of Park Shin Hye, but when given the right kind of role, she does impress me. She especially shined in her last drama, Pinocchio, as the feisty rookie reporter Choi In Ha. Here, she’ll be playing a woman with killer fighting skills and a rather dark background. She later becomes a doctor, though she has trouble trusting others. Pinocchio only proved to me that Shin Hye thrives as these strong, badass heroines, so I think this will be great for her. I would like to petition against that generic title though… They really should’ve stuck with “Female Gangster Hye Jung.”


5. Beautiful Mind (Premieres June 20) – Another medical drama. In all honesty, this is only on my list because I’m so damn curious. The fact that big names like Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Ah In and Lee Jong Suk (and that’s not all) turned down the lead role is pretty unnerving, but it is a headscratcher. Why did they go through so many actors? Why did these actors run away from the script? Because it took them so long to confirm Jang Hyuk as the lead, I’m a little worried this team isn’t prepared. As of now, they haven’t even secured a female lead (Park Se Young pictured above on the right is the second female lead), and the airdate is creeping up awfully fast. This seems like a mess in the making, but who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise us?


6. Police Unit 38 (Premieres June) – This drama stars Seo In Guk—yup, they already got me.


7. Lightly, Ardently/Uncontrollably Fond/Still Don’t Know What to Call This (Premieres July 6) – I mentioned this show before in my last anticipated list, but it’s still pretty hyped up, so I thought it was worth mentioning one more time. With the mind-blowing success of the pre-produced Descendants of the Sun, it has me wondering if this drama will follow the same path. Other than that and the actors, nothing else really has my interest. Reading the plot synopsis and watching the teasers failed in activating my fangirl mode, so I was kind of disappointed. But many dramas have proved to be better than their promos, so I’m holding on.


8. W (Premieres July) – Now this is what I need. I need this drama. Like now. Every bit of news from W has only made it sound more and more epic. I read some very detailed character descriptions posted on Tumblr and if they’re true—please, for the sweet love of Lee Jong Suk, be true—it will be freaking awesome. Awesome, I tell you. And if it’s not, I just might cry. And turn into the Incredible Hulk. (Although, let’s face it; I think we all know I’m watching this no matter what the plot is.) You’ve got solid actors, a solid writer and solid material, Show. So do. Not. Eff. This. Up.


9. Bring it On, Ghost (Premieres July) – *looks at Kim So Hyun* YAY! *looks at Taecyeon* ………….No, no, no, NO. Taecyeon, why? For now, only Kim So Hyun is confirmed (she’s probably my favorite young actress working right now), but the mere possibility that Taecyeon could be playing her lover… No, I don’t see it. I just can’t picture him playing a teenager. To be exact, a 17-year-old exorcist who fights ghosts for a living and comes to fall for a tough little spirit (So Hyun). If he is cast, I’m hoping the show can prove me wrong.


10. Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds (Premieres August 15) – *dramatic sigh* Okay, I’m not gonna talk about this ongoing trend (why is this a trend??) of pairing older actors with minors anymore. Yes, I’m uncomfortable with it, I’ve been trying to get over it, and I’m willing to give all of these dramas a chance. End of story. That said, yeeeee! Park Bo Gum! Kim Yoo Jung! 😀 These are two talents I’ve been watching for a while now and it feels like a true blessing to finally have them headlining a drama.


As you can see, we’ll be getting a lot of beloved big stars in the next couple of months and I am so ready. I guess we’re in luck that all these shows are being thrown at us after school ends. Marathoning, here I come!

(P.S. I would’ve added Hwarang again, but the airdate has changed. It looks like it may be aiming for either early or late Fall now. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you, Show!)


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  1. SADEGH says:

    I Like Mirror Of The Witch.


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