Top 10 Drama Mamas


K-dramas are notorious for their eeevilll mothers and mothers-in-law. And though they’re fun to watch (sometimes), it’s such a welcoming breath of fresh air when we find out our beloved main characters actually have some pretty cool moms. 

(*In no particular order.)


1. Jo Kang Ja from Angry Mom – And who better to start off with than the kickass jjang Jo Kang Ja AKA Ms. Cherry Tomato. Kang Ja is a living metaphor for just how deeply a mother cares for her child. The lengths she goes to protect her daughter Ah Ran had me in tears (and stitches). I don’t know how I’d feel about my mom going around pretending to be a high schooler, but even so, I think Ah Ran is one lucky gal.


2. Ji Yeon’s mom from Witch’s Romance – Not only was she a hoot with the main couple, but Ji Yeon’s mom even got her own loveline! And a hysterical one at that. I totally love that they gave both mother and daughter younger guys; seeing how they handled their relationships differently was so interesting.


3. Jae Ha’s mom from The King 2 Hearts – Speak da truth, Queen Mom! Jae Ha’s mom was a bit harsh from time to time, but she, of course, always meant well. She’s a woman who won’t hesitate to stand up and say what’s on her mind, and in certain scenes, it’s a sight to behold. The scene pictured above had me bowing down to my computer screen in awe. But even more than that, her raw, emotional scenes with Jae Ha are reason enough to get her a good, comfy spot on this list.


4. Hye Sung’s mom from I Hear Your Voice – There’s something so heartwarming about a mom that’s such a hardass to their daughter’s face, then says nothing but praises behind her back. Thankfully, Hye Sung knew how much her mom loved her without it being said out loud. I guess when your mom is constantly getting on your back, the little moments where you catch her dancing in utter happiness for you feel so much sweeter.


5. Dong Joo’s mom from Angel Eyes – Ah, Angel Eyes… There were so many things I wanted to forget about that show, but the mom was one of the true highlights. Not just a good mom, but also just such a good person. A lot of her scenes with Dong Joo’s little family had me in tears from how truly precious they were.


6. Mo Yeon’s mom from Descendants of the Sun – Was only given one scene, and that one scene was all she needed. She just seemed so nice and personable. Thank goodness too since the main couple already had enough problems on their shoulders. Adding in meddling parents would’ve just been excessive. And we gotta applaud her for actually getting our smooth talking Shi Jin Oppa flustered. Way to go, Mom. *high fives*


7. Kang Hye Soo from Marriage Contract – Hye Soo didn’t have it easy as a single mom, and it broke my heart to watch her break down when things got to be too tough. But no matter what came her way, whether it was an illness or a very handsome, dimpled guy, her little girl was always her #1 priority. When I first read her character description, I groaned at the thought of having that typical poor, too-nice-for-her-own-good heroine. What a joy to see that while Hye Soo was sort of squeezed into that archetype, she had a silent strength that I believe all mothers carry. She was a fighter alright.


8. Ahn Mi Jung from Five Children – I love this woman. God, I love her. Kind of like Hye Soo of Marriage Contract, she’s not at all the perfect mom. She gets tired and frustrated. And she makes some dumb mistakes, as we all do. It’s her determination to be that perfect mom that makes her so great. It’s so realistic that she has many strong desires (like ratting out her cheating ex), and that sometimes she just wants to give in and have a moment to be selfish. She has those desires, but never fails to push them away, because she knows in her heart that her kiddies are more important.


9. Song Cha Ok from Pinocchio – Yes, yes, you’d assume Pinocchio Mama would be in a baddies list. And it is true: She wasn’t a good mom. She earned my sympathy and respect near the end of the show, but that doesn’t get her Mom of the Year. What I love about her though is the character’s amazing development throughout the series. A lot of the rookie reporters matured along the way, but it turned out Mom was the one who had the most growing up to do. And the show managed to pull it off perfectly, to my pleasant surprise.


10. Answer Me ’97, ’94 & ’88 mom – Veteran actress Jung Il Hwa has played her fair share of moms in dramaland, as the fun mom (see She Was Pretty) and the evil mom (see My Love From Another Star). But she will always be the awesome Answer Me mom for me. And she just seems to up her awesomeness every damn time.

Honorable Mention:


And, of course, I have to mention my own mom. She’s not a drama mama, but she’s still the best in my book. But sorry, Mama… I’m afraid Do Min Joon is already taken.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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