Mama’s Picks: Entertainer


The funny thing is my mom wanted to watch this because of cutie Minhyuk and I wanted to watch this because of Ji Sung. I actually love a lot of these cast members (big fan of CN Blue and Teen Top), but none of them, not even Ji Sung, could get me to fully enjoy Entertainer. At least Mama got a kick out of it.


I gave it the good college try, but I just couldn’t click with the show. The characters are likable enough, and it did pang my heart a bit whenever they went through any hardships. Yet, the end of each episode didn’t leave me desperate to find out what happened to them next. Sadly, for me, Entertainer just became that show that I’d rather watch while eating dinner or folding laundry. It was interesting enough to watch, but the story hardly ever sucked me in to the point that I absolutely had to keep my eyes on the screen at all times to catch every little thing. However, my mom still liked it and insisted on watching it whenever we completely ran out of Oh Hae Young Again episodes.

Usually while my mom was watching the show, I’d only be half paying attention. I even fell asleep a few times. I honestly don’t know why it was so hard for me to connect with these characters. I don’t want to say the show’s boring or badly written because I did somewhat care for the Ddanddara Band. The strong bond between the band members and CEO Seok Ho was hands-down the best part of the show (while the main romance left me rather underwhelmed). I liked seeing them succeed and enjoying the celebrity life; one episode with a fanmeeting even had me close to tears.


It might be the fact that the show seemed way too formulaic. Pretty much every drama goes by some type of formula, but my favorites have always managed to take advantage of that formula, either by throwing in some surprises, making fun of themselves, or taking it up to the next level. Unfortunately, Entertainer just stayed within the lines of the formula given. I expected things to go a certain way, and they almost went exactly how I thought. So while watching it with my mom, I’d glance up whenever an important scene was up, and confirm that what I expected came true. Once I knew it did, I lost interest again. Entertainer was just continuously lacking that extra oomph that I need. Because I’ve watched plenty of predictable dramas, but some still have that bit of charisma needed to keep my attention.

Perhaps my mom saw that charisma, but I didn’t. She agreed with me that the drama was just okay, and certainly not Ji Sung’s best (his Kill Me, Heal Me role is hard to top), but she found the little story charming enough to come back to every week. As long as the rest of the Entertainer viewers and fans felt the same way, that’s all that matters. I, too, think it’s enjoyable enough and I might like it more if I gave it another chance. I just wanted more. More heart pounding, more chills, more tears. Just a little more.


Mama’s Rating: ★★★★☆

My Rating: ★★★☆☆


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