A Massive Explosion of W—Two Worlds Promos


Well, it’s about time, W! I don’t want to rush the drama’s crew since I know this is a live shoot, but how can I not be greedy at a time like this? A new Jong Suk drama is almost upon us, for crying out loud! *squeals so high my voice gives out*

A while back, the upcoming fantasy romance W—Two Worlds released some great photos of our beautiful leads Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, as well as a few official and unofficial teasers. I’m already loving the look, as it reminds me so much of anime (especially with a very manga-looking actor and actress). It surely solidifies my high interest in the unique plot of two people from parallel universes somehow meeting and falling in love. Though the plots are far from similar, the anime A Certain Magical Index comes to mind. Maybe because the anime also deals with fantasy elements concerning magic and reality. I don’t know, ha.

But then yesterday, a flooooooood of stills and some unbearably cute OTP shots were released, throwing me way off guard. Like, take it easy, W. I know I asked for more, but Jesus, at least give me a chance to breathe! I was a little worried they were revealing too much with these stills, but then realized it’s probably because what they showed will only be the tip of the iceberg. I feel a lot of story under there, and if the crew feels confident enough to reveal that much of the plot now, I can barely wait to see what else is there for us to dig up later.


But, yes, let’s get to those lovey-dovey shots. LORD, are they cute. As expected, they’re beyond gorgeous and suit each other very well, but I didn’t expect that level of cuteness right off the bat. I almost forgot how swoony Sukkie looks when in lovesick puppy mode. And Hyo Joo’s smile just about lights up the day.

It’s way too early in the game, but I can’t help but ship it already. They look so in love, and these aren’t even official posters. From what I’ve seen on Tumblr, they’re most likely from a photoshoot taken after a Chinese interview, hence the Chinese writing on the photos. I want to see this interview, and I want to see it now. I want it all now. Nowww.

*clears throat* If you couldn’t tell, I’m beyond excited to see even more. I really hope they continue to dazzle us with the future teasers and posters. I like what I’m seeing, so I hope the next set of promos prove to be even more daring and creative. Bring it on, MBC. Hit us with everything you’ve got. Just give us a little more shots of our heroine. I appreciate the never-ending pics of Sukkie, but I’d love to see his leading lady taking center stage too.









W—Two Worlds premieres Wednesday, July 20th on MBC. Watch the first official teaser here.


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