Bidding Farewell to Gong Shim, Lucky & Mirror


Time to tie up some loose ends and make way for the new dramas (W, I’m lookin’ at you, love). A lot of the shows I’d been enjoying sizzled out near the end, but like any other drama, it’s always hard to say goodbye to the characters we’ve bonded with for the past two months. The characters from these three shows in particular will be extremely hard to say goodbye to. 


Beautiful Gong Shim (★★★★☆) – This was such a delightful show, with such a delightfully odd main couple. Nam Goong Min and Minah were excellent in these roles, never afraid to be too silly or too outrageous. And together, they were just a hoot. I can’t even count how many times their hi-jinks had me and my mom falling off the couch from laughing so hard. They were so great that I didn’t even care that the plot was so generic.

However, in the second half, the cute started to disappear and the lost chaebol plot began to take over. It was still fun every week thanks to the actors and their obvious commitment, but it definitely lost some of that magic from the beginning. And though the ending was a happy one, it didn’t quite satisfy me the way I wanted it to. It makes me a bit sad to say that, but as a whole, the drama was still a blast to watch. It certainly made my weekends a little bit brighter.


Lucky Romance (★★★☆☆) – Here we have another set of weird characters. Adorably weird, of course. So, so adorable. *sighs* I think we all have Je Soo Ho to blame for that. Ryu Joon Yeol‘s portrayal of Soo Ho was perfect in every way that I just wanted to take him home as my own little pet tiger. Rawr, indeed.

The one thing that bothered me (and this really bothered me) was how different the show was from what I thought it would be. I actually liked the show for what it was, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting after hearing about the webtoon it was based on and watching the quirky teasers. I know this was an interpretation of the webtoon, but I feel like the whole sleep-with-a-tiger plot ended way too quickly when it was supposed to be the whole point of the story. I’m grateful Lucky bestowed the amazingly geeky Soo Ho upon us, but this show just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.


Mirror of the Witch (★★★★☆) – This was the drama that met my expectations and practically soared with them. I wanted it to be good and it was, so I came out of it as one happy viewer. Yeah, it did frustrate me at times, but in all the right ways. I was mostly frustrated with how the evil shaman Hong-joo kept stomping all over the heroes. It felt repetitive after a while, but I dealt with it since it made her a fun villain to hate and it only made me root for the main characters even more.

If anyone’s curious as to how I now feel about the age difference between our leading man and lady, here’s my answer: I hardly ever thought about it throughout the entire show. I may have cringed once or twice during their first few scenes together, but my doubts completely melted away once the two found the right chemistry for them. It was incredibly sweet and romantic, and actors Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron were able to portray a passionate romance without even doing too much.


But if it still concerns those who are hesitant to pick this drama up because of the age issue, there was no kissing. At all. And they didn’t need it. The characters’ love for each other was obvious enough without any sort of intense skinship.


Phew. And there we go; three dramas now over and done with. I’ll miss the characters for sure, but I can confidently say that it’s a relief they’re now finished. I am currently watching Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond, but I have yet to be inspired to write about either one. We’ll have to wait and see if W—Two Worlds is the real winner for new dramas this time around. It is my most anticipated drama of the summer, so I hope it ends up being my next big addiction. *pleasepleaseplease*


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