Throwback Thurs…er, Tuesday: Gumiho Love ♥


Yup. Three years later and my heart STILL hurts. The undeniable power of the magical gumiho (and the magical Cha Dae Woong) remains strong.

Today, this lovely little reminder showed up on my Facebook and I got hit with some intense nostalgia:


The 2010 fantasy rom-com My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has been my #1 favorite drama *epic voice* of all time since I first saw it in 2013, and I can’t imagine ever changing that. Many dramas have come close to dethroning it, but it just won’t happen—Gumiho holds too much special meaning for me personally. On its own, the show is already insanely cute, funny, romantic, and super unique, but for me, it’s the show that turned my drama-watching hobby into a full-blown obsession.

I also have to give Lee Seung Gi‘s 2009 drama Brilliant Legacy credit because if I hadn’t watched that and developed the hugest crush on Seung Gi, I would’ve never sought out his other works. And I’m actually glad I didn’t watch Gumiho when it initially aired—I would’ve torn my hair out if I’d had to wait every week for the new episodes. It was great to watch however many episodes I wanted whenever I wanted, but in retrospect… Ehhh, it might have been better if I had limited myself to only two episodes a week.

Sometimes marathoning ain’t all that healthy, folks:


For three days, I went to class, did my homework, etc. etc., then went straight to my dorm to sit in front of my laptop for 5+ hours straight. All for my loves, Mi Ho and Dae Woong. And I distinctly remember reaching the last episode around 4 a.m. on this day three years ago and having to clamp my hands over my mouth to avoid waking my roommate up with my screechy sobbing noises. After that emotional marathon of death, I had the most terrible headache from crying and from lack of sleep.

It was awesome. I was on a high and I absolutely refused to come down, so I searched for even more dramas to quench my thirst. I felt compelled to talk to others about all these dramas and ended up growing much closer to my mom, as well as making new friendships, despite my shyness. One of those friendships even led to me and one other drama lover creating our own organization at our school for fans of Korean entertainment—an organization I’m still having a blast with today. I became more adamant to improve my Korean language skills, I got a chance to study in Korea… the list goes on.

So, yeah, Gumiho literally changed my life. I think its title as my #1 favorite drama is pretty well-deserved. 👍



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