Give Me ALL the W Merch. ALL OF IT.


What. What. What. We can actually buy the beautiful artwork from W—Two Worlds? Gahhh, why must I be a financially-struggling student?? I seriously just want to buy all the things.

When I really love a drama, I tend to go a tad crazy on the merch shopping—so much so that I should really consider locking up my wallet and throwing away the key. I don’t know, I’m just the type of drama nerd that likes collecting that kind of stuff and displaying it embarrassingly proudly in my lovely living quarters. And then, on top of that, I’m also a huge comic book/manga nerd. Sooo, yas… I feel like I NEED the items recently posted on mbcbrandstore’s Instagram. When, let’s face it, I really don’t.

But I do.

AH, SOMEONE TAKE MY WALLET AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. *pitiful sigh* The Korean entertainment industry sure does know how to tempt me into giving them all my money. I want to stay strong and not give in to the pretty, but… just look at those postcards! That much pretty is hard to ignore. And it doesn’t help that I love Lee Jong Suk so goddamn much.


In all honesty, my burning love for W has simmered down the past few weeks (I’ll say it—I can’t live in denial forever), but it doesn’t change the fact that the show has been a special experience for me, visually and story-wise. With a groundbreaking plot, jaw-dropping twists, gorgeous editing, and equally gorgeous artwork, it’s been the most gratifying K-drama viewing experience I’ve had since, jeez, I don’t even know when.

If the entire drama had been as pitch-perfect as the first half, it could’ve easily shot straight up to one of the highest spots on my favorites list. It’s a shame because it came this close. It just didn’t go in the direction I so desperately longed for (I may have to elaborate on that after the finale next week). Nevertheless, me being a total Jong Suk fan and comic nerd, of course I still love W. It’s a given.

On that note, let’s put the postcards aside for a second—can we get the actual W books? Then there would be no question about it. Forget staying strong; I’d buy every freaking copy.

Mhm. All 34.


About Sara B. a full-time dog mom, grad student, writer, and fangirl. She loves love in all forms, whether in books or in k-dramas -- on a good day, maybe even The Bachelor.
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