Top 10 Most Anticipated Dramas of Fall 2016


Sheesh, time really does fly with dramas. I feel like I just wrote my list for anticipated summer dramas, and now those shows are already over (with only W and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds still airing). I think it’ll be hard for Fall to surpass last season—there was just so much goodness; I can’t get over it—but you never really know.

As much fun as last season was, I think we’re all just excited to get some new material on our screens.


1. On the Way to the Airport (Premieres Sep. 21) – I think the basic premise of this show may turn some people off, and I would’ve thought it’d turn me off too, but I’m surprisingly drawn to it. Stories that include affairs are usually a hit or miss for me—for instance, I wasn’t too crazy about Secret Love Affair or Valid Love. But the way Airport was described didn’t make it sound like the main leads would be cheating. At least not to me. I like it when writers explore the question of whether or not men and women can just be friends, and I think the writers of Airport are hoping to do exactly that. I could be completely wrong, but we’ll see.


2. Shopping King Louis (Premieres Sep. 21) – We’re getting such generous amounts of Seo In Guk lately. Although, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen In Gukkie in a fluffy rom-com. After his intense role in I Remember You, I thought it’d be hard for me to see him in anything light and bubbly again, but the teasers for Louis reminded me how much versatility he has. It also reminded me how hilarious he can be—his expressions just crack me right up.


3. The K2 (Premieres Sep. 23) – *gets down on knees and thanks Drama Gods* YESSSSS. Yesssss, gimme gimme gimme. I’ve missed Ji Chang Wook so much, and the teasers for his latest action thriller The K2 are giving me so many Healer feels. I really don’t want to compare this to Healer, but honestly, it’s tough. Whenever I see Chang Wook dressed in all black and kicking ass, I can’t help but think, “Kyaaa Jung Hoo!” The plot of The K2 sounds completely different though, so I don’t think the two will overlap too much.


4. The Man Living in Our House (Premieres October) – I had this drama on my radar when Yoo Seung Ho was offered the lead role and then I considered forgetting about it when he backed out. Now that the drama has secured a cast with Su Ae, Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk, it’s back in my mind, albeit in the very back of my mind. The idea of Young Kwang’s character coming up to Su Ae’s and announcing he’s her stepdad, though funny, kind of creeps me out. Especially since they’re potential love interests. I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I’ll at least check out the first episode.


5. Entourage (Premieres Nov. 4) – I heard great things about the Korean adaptation of American TV show The Good Wife (I wish I could watch it, but I can’t find it with subs anywhere T_T), so I wonder how this adaptation will do. I’ve never seen the original Entourage show, meaning I’ll be diving into the Korean version blind. A good thing, perhaps?


6. Father, I’ll Take Care of You (Premieres Nov. 12) – There’s always one family drama I tune into every season, and this could be the next one. The premise does sound interesting, but I think I’ll be watching this solely for Park Eun Bin. She was all kinds of awesome in Age of Youth, and it got me excited for all of her future projects.


7. Legend of the Blue Sea (Premieres Nov. 16) – You have no idea how happy I was when this show was first announced. Yes, we do get a handful of names we all love and trust like Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, the My Love from Another Star writer, and the City Hunter PD. Those big names did get my attention, but what I was most happy about was getting a drama about mermaids. I love mermaid mythology to death, and I wish I could see it more often in Dramaland. 2014’s Surplus Princess was cutesy and quirky, but I’ve been wanting to see a more serious take on the genre. And now, my prayers have finally been answered (hopefully)!


8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju (Premieres November) – Hmmm. Curious. I actually grew to like Lee Sung Kyung after seeing her in Doctors. The character was annoying, but I appreciated her acting—I believed her when she was sad or conflicted. So I’m happy for her now that she’s snagged a lead role. I’m even more happy that this role is totally different from her past roles. The “weightlifting” part has me raising an eyebrow, but if Sung Kyung can pull it off, I think this will be an interesting look at something we haven’t really seen before in any other drama.


9. Hwarang: The Beginning (Premieres Dec. 19) – Yay! A confirmed airdate! As excited as I am for this, I’m just as worried. Idols Minho and V make up most of that worry, despite how much I adore them and their groups (SHINee and BTS). I’ve never been a fan of Minho’s acting, and I actually hold a teeny bit of a grudge against him because he was in a drama adaptation that ruined my favorite manga (still trying to let that go). However, I have seen improvement since then, and it is more likely that he’ll do better in a smaller role. As for V, I’m just worried since I haven’t seen him act in anything at all. That worry comes with every idol-turned-actor though, and many have managed to wow me in the past.


10. Goblin (Premieres December) – Ooh, that’s a lot of people I like all in one frame. I’m hoping these actors agreed to sign on to this drama because they trust the script, because I’m a little wary of writer Kim Eun Sook. True, I was obsessed with her mega hit Descendents of the Sun, but it was the writing I found to be the drama’s eventual downfall. Maybe she’ll succeed this time around? I hope so, because there’s no way I can avoid a drama with this great a cast.


Like last season, I’m looking forward to this whole batch of dramas, but there are one or two that really stick out for me. Last time, it was Mirror of the Witch and W, and this time, I would have to say it’s Blue Sea, Hwarang, and Goblin. Those three are probably the most anticipated projects for a lot of folks, and only time will tell whether or not they meet our expectations.

Happy Fall, everyone~ ^_^


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