Status Report: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Episodes 1-8)


How can I not talk about this show? It is just SO. FLIPPIN’. GOOD. We’re not quite at the halfway mark yet, but I couldn’t wait to just sit down and let out all my love for it in a post. So without any further ado, let’s gush about our wonderful youth sageuk Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

(*SPOILERS* after the picture below.)


Favorite Character: Ooh, this is hard. The Crown Prince is the sweetest little gumball ever, but I’m extremely fascinated with his best friend, Byung Yeon. I think he might be my favorite, with the prince being a very close second. I like the aura of mystery Byung Yeon has surrounding him, while his affection for Young is the only obvious thing I can read from his face. I find his conflict of whether to give his loyalty to the rebels or to his best friend just as engaging as the main romance, and I hope with all my heart that he doesn’t let Young’s trust in him go in vain. Don’t break the bromance!

Least Favorite Character: I actually think all the characters are interesting to watch (even the evil ones), so I’m not sure if I can pick someone I dislike. Maybe Queen Kim?

Favorite Episode: Episode 3 hands down. Perfect balance of humor and heart.

Least Favorite Episode: I love it all.

Favorite OST: “Misty Road” by Ben. I love all of Ben’s OSTs, and I find this one an especially soothing listen.

Least Favorite OST: Love it all.


Favorite Squee-Worthy Moment: The confession in episode 7 was obviously a total squeefest, but there was this one moment in episode 8 that I could not stop smiling at. And that was after Young placed the bracelet on Ra On’s wrist and their fingers just lingered there for like a millisecond. I don’t know if it’s because I found the shot itself to be beautiful, but it’s been in my head ever since I saw it. Their hands were barely touching, yet I could feel so much electricity, giving me some serious chills. The touch was very delicate and longing, a great image to symbolize their relationship.

Favorite Sob-Worthy Moment: Ra On’s dance in episode 4 had me legit bawling. It was such a well-crafted scene—with Kim Yoo Jung‘s lovely movements, Park Bo Gum‘s wistful expression, and the music (gah, the music!) all put together, it created magic. That had me tearing up, but as soon as Young flashed back to him and his mother dancing in the rain, I was a total goner. Then, the smooth transition to Young imagining his mysterious dancer reaching out to him… My goodness. It has to be one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen in a K-drama. And again with the hands! I know I keep mentioning them, but there can be so much love projected with one slight motion of the hand. I mean, remember that hand-holding scene in Healer? Phew. *fans self*


Praises: The biggest praise I can give this drama is succeeding in being the whole package. While many great dramas can excel in certain areas like acting or directing, there comes a drama that simply has it all, and Moonlight is one of those dramas. Everything is so on point—the acting, the directing, the writing, the music—that the critic in me just wants to shut up and concentrate on the show. And I love that. I love when I can sit through an entire episode of a drama without my brain focusing too much on minor mistakes or flaws.

Issues: Eh? Issues? What issues?

Worth continuing? Ohhhh yeah. Now that we have two secrets out in the open (Ra On’s identity and Byung Yeon’s activities), I feel like we’re about to head into even more emotional territory. The emotional journey we’ve had with our Moonlight characters thus far has been a satisfying trip up the rollercoaster of feels, and now I’m ready for the second part of this show and the thrilling ride down that rollercoaster. *grips handlebars* Let’s go!


How are you liking Moonlight? Will you continue watching as well?


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