First Impression: Shopping King Louis


The rom-com Shopping King Louis was a drama I was itching to get my hands on, and believe me, I clapped my hands with (an embarrassing amount of) joy when the clips for the premiere began popping up on MBC’s YouTube page. Once I got to watch the episode as a whole, I actually found myself constantly pausing and watching something else for a while. Though the opening narration did pull me in and Seo In Guk oppa’s character immediately earned my love… something was off.


I honestly couldn’t figure out what made me so hesitant on pressing play and finishing that episode. The show had a very silly and almost over-exaggerated vibe that I wasn’t expecting and that I’d never gotten from a drama before, so I wasn’t sure how to take it. So I pushed it aside, thinking that meant I didn’t like it.

Fast-forward two weeks later: I was in agony over the last Moonlight Drawn by Clouds episode (argh, that show has my heart in shards right now) and I just needed something to watch to keep me sane. Thank GOD I gravitated back towards Louis because after forcing myself through the first episode, my interest was back and I was compelled to watch the next. And that’s when the show fell into its groove and I realized just how adorable and precious it really is. Now I’m all caught up and dying for episode 6. I love this show. Looove.

If you also felt wary with the first episode, I urge you to give it one more chance. I’m sure you’ll think it’s weird, but the moment you get the first scene with main characters Louis and Bok Shil (Nam Ji Hyun), you’ll instantly fall in love.


Male Lead: Could Louis be more of a puppy? I know we often refer to a lot of our cutie drama heroes as puppies, but no, Louis really is the very definition of a lost puppy. Even before he lost his memory, he had an endearing childlike quality to him, so when he did lose his memory, I felt so bad for him. He’s adorably clingy to Bok Shil and hilariously ignorant about the world around him, but when the comedy dies down, you realize how scared and frustrated he must be with not knowing. At the same time, I love that while he may seem weak and wimpy, he cares about Bok Shil so much and he’d do anything  to make her happy. Talk about swoon-worthy… Needless to say, In Guk Oppa is a jewel. His performance as this little cinnamon roll seems so effortless for him.

Female Lead: Next to our puppy’s side we have Flying Squirrel Bok Shil. One crazy boy like Louis and one crazy girl like Bok Shil = madness. I was totally sold with the show the second he met this girl. Bok Shil is that typical poor girl who can often be a little dense, but thanks to Ji Hyun’s performance, I think the character has much more depth than it would’ve been on paper. For one thing, she’s incredibly likeable — I would so love to be friends with her. She may not know much about the modern world due to her upbringing in the mountains, but she knows how to take care of herself and the people she cares about. Which is why I think she and Louis are two cuckoo peas in a pod. The way they grew up contributes to their vastly different personalities, but at the end of the day, they’re very similar. They’re just two inexperienced souls. Two inexperienced souls that need each other.


Side Characters: The weirdness doesn’t end with our heroes. Every single character in this show is so freaking weird, in the best possible way. Louis’s Grandma and her amazing outbursts of “My precious!” has me in stitches every time. Butler Kim and his undying loyalty to Louis just about kills me. And heck, even the bitchy second female lead has me chuckling every now and then. Then there are two characters I was almost sure I would hate: Joong Won and In Sung. I’ve loved Yoon Sang Hyun since his Oska days, but his character Joong Won started off a tad on the annoying side. The way he interferred with our heroes’ lives came off as way too petty and immature. Thankfully, this is Yoon Sang Hyun we’re talking about. He always turns the richest, snobbiest characters into bumbling fools I can’t help but love. As for In Sung, it was hard for me to warm up to him as well since he initially came across as a moocher, but together with our heroes, they make squad goals for sure.

Story/Writing: All of these characters shine in their own ways, but as I mentioned, it’s Louis and Bok Shil that make this show for me. They are unbearably cute (like two excited pups) and I love that they fell into such a sweet, trusting relationship so early on. I feel like that’s a rare sight in dramas these days — many drama relationships start off so hostile. While this couple is cute, the drama did start off unusually. The first episode was somewhat slow, as if it was unsure of itself and which direction it wanted to take. But once the show settled into its main story, I began to love that unusual edge. It’s so delightfully quirky. And the little effects are hi-larious. The way the clothes and other items stick out and call to Louis is so adorbs. Just everything is adorbs. I don’t know how the writers fit so much cuteness into each episode honestly. Even with all the cuteness, I’m still engrossed with the evil and corruption happening behind our characters’ backs. I do hope Grandma and Louis discover the truth soon. I need a “My precious!” reunion ASAP.


Overall Yay or Nay? “Yay” just doesn’t suffice my feelings for this show. I believe it’d be more of a “KYAAAAAAYAYAYAYEAHHHHHHH! ❤❤❤❤” …Yeah, something along those lines. But in all seriousness, this show really is something special. It has that charming, zany quality of some of my favorites, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Marriage Not Dating, and it’s own unique innocence has you cherishing every sweet moment of friendship and puppy love. I can’t stop bringing up its uniqueness, because though it does follow some drama clichés, the overall execution is something I feel like I’m experiencing for the first time. I just love when dramas aren’t afraid of being weird and different, and I feel it always deserves a fair amount of praise. Good for you, Show.

Worth Continuing? I zoomed through all five episodes in one sitting. What do you think? 😜



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