‘Cause you had a bad day…


You know those days where you feel as if you desperately need to cry, and then you see or hear something — a picture, a video, a song — that miraculously makes you feel so much better? And then you end up crying anyway, but they’re more like happy, relieved tears?

Yeah. I’m having one of those days.

As a way to dig myself out of a slump, I went back to some of my favorite drama scenes. The scenes I knew would get me smiling and laughing again. And I saw a reoccurring theme with the scenes I chose. They were all filled with the characters being fools in love. It’s just nice to watch that kind of stuff, y’know? It makes you feel as giddy as they look. If you happen to be having a not-so-great day yourself, I hope these images make you feel a little giddier too.



Why, hello there. (Oh My Ghostess)



Kyaaaaaaaaa. ❤❤❤❤ (Answer Me 1988)



My heart. It’s impossible not to smile at a giggly In Gukkie. (High School King of Savvy)



Puppy snuggles. (Flower Boy Next Door)



Puppy kisses. (Descendants of the Sun)



80% of this drama is just cutesy, lovey-dovey scenes. For which I am totally grateful. Shucks, these two. 😍 (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)



Ah, my neighborhood gumiho. I can click on any My Girlfriend is a Gumiho episode — even the sad, angsty ones — and know I’ll be feeling better in no time.



That faceeeeeeee. I kid you not — I have rewatched this drama, this episode, this scene so many times, and even still, the way this damn boy happily runs off after kissing the love of his life has me kicking and squealing like a maniac every single time. (I Hear Your Voice)



In Guk strikes again. He’s the most precious he’s ever been in currently airing Shopping King Louis.



“Oh my God!!” This reaction will forever be the best. (Five Children)



I will always have conflicted feelings with W–Two Worlds, but to me, this scene is perfect. I forgave the drama for my disappointment with the second half since it still gave us this explosion of adorable. At least I’ll always have this to go back to.


And last but not least, here’s a whole lot of the lovesick dork Soo Ho from Lucky Romance:





Now this is when I broke into tears. I remember crying at this part the first time the episode aired, and I probably cried even more today. It almost felt like Soo Ho was trying to give me a virtual hug and it was exactly what I needed. If watching the right drama scene at the right time, it can really change the rest of my day.

And thanks to this cathartic post, things are definitely looking up. Thanks, Unnis. Thanks, Oppas. Ya’ll know how to cheer me right up.



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Psh, who said you're too old to fangirl over fictional characters?
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