Fangirl Thoughts On While You Were Sleeping (2017) Casting


*cocks head* Hm. I… don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, damn. That’s one good lookin’ couple. On the other hand… Well, let’s rewind for a moment.

My favorite writer Park Hye Ryun (Page Turner, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Dream High — Lord, this woman’s written so many of my top favorites) is coming back in early 2017 to deliver what’s sure to be another delightful rom-com. The drama titled While You Were Sleeping will follow a young woman who sees terrible accidents in her dreams that will actually happen in the future. But fear not — the male lead will be a prosecutor who does whatever he can to prevent these accidents from happening.

I love any and all fantasy/supernatural elements in dramas, and they always make a fine home in Writer Park’s dramas in particular. I think she creates the perfect blend of fantasy and realism, making the supernatural power her characters possess seem surprisingly normal for the world of the drama. Soo Ha’s mindreading in IHYV was cool and all, but it wasn’t technically the main point of the story; it was just a part of who Soo Ha was. And the same went for In Ha and her hiccups in Pinocchio. The ideas of their powers seem quite odd on paper, but on screen, it makes sense with the characters and their eventual journeys. It’s magic, I tell you. I don’t know how Park does it. (I’m sure at this point you can tell that this writer has me waaay under her spell.)


So needless to say, I went nuts when I found out Writer Park was going to gift us with another supernatural power couple. And with Lee Jong Suk again! (Insert 4-5 straight minutes of fangirling.) I was practically on my knees at the mere thought of this writer-actor partnership coming back, thanking the drama gods for this early Christmas present. Then I saw Suzy‘s name… and I paused for a good minute.

I like Suzy. I liked her in girl group Miss A, I liked her in Dream High, and I liked her in all of her CFs and talk show appearances. She’s a nice girl. And a beautiful girl, obviously. But like a lot of drama fans, I find most of her acting either too dry or too cringe-worthy.

Now, she has proven to be tolerable in dramas: Her debut role in DH was funny, ironic, and at times, endearing. She didn’t add much to Gu Family Book for me, but she was able to pull off the cute badass (is that even a thing?) of a heroine. It’s those two roles that I try to think about whenever I hear casting news of her. She wasn’t great in them, but she was plenty likable. And I thought it was smart of her (and her agency) to make most of her acting appearances small roles and cameos. I was expecting her to gain enough knowledge and experience with every project until eventually she would be ready to take on another leading role.

She got that leading role in Uncontrollably Fond, and I was actually anticipating it to see if something in her had changed. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t handle UF‘s super depressing story and I had to drop it. I still wanted to catch some of Suzy’s acting in it though, so I found some clips and… Ehhh, I don’t think she was ready.


She’s actually very good in her cutesy scenes — she must be comfortable with cute since it’s close to her personality — but when it comes to the scenes that demand intense emotion, she holds back. I can actually see her holding back. I’m not going to hate on Suzy for that. Acting’s just not her thing. I will, however, hate on the fact that many idols are being pushed into roles that they may not fit or that they may not be ready for. I wish we could get some sort of idea of what goes on behind the scenes, because I genuinely want to know why there seems to be so many people being miscast in Dramaland these days.

Now, I’m obviously getting way too ahead of myself. This new Park drama won’t even be here until early 2017. Admittedly, I’m someone who gets angry at casting choices I don’t like way before a show even starts, and it’s really ruined some of my viewing experiences. I’ve already seen a lot of nervous comments piling up in all the articles about Suzy confirming, and all that anxiety inevitably started latching onto me. So for now, I just want to be excited about this drama. I can worry about critiquing it later. In fact, I think we all just need to take a nice, deep breath.

Seriously. Everyone now. One, two, three…

*inhale* …

aaaaaaand *exhale*

Okay. Let’s not worry about this yet, guys. Let’s take this big reunion as a good sign and hope that Writer Park has something great in store for Suzy. And let’s not forget: While You Were Sleeping is going to be a rom-com, not a full-blown melodrama. Suzy may not be the best actress, but I think she does her best in fluffy rom-coms. That reassurance is what’s keeping this drama in my to-watch list for 2017.

Well, that and the fact that me skipping a Jong Suk drama is downright unacceptable.


About Sara B. a full-time dog mom, grad student, writer, and fangirl. She loves love in all forms, whether in books or in k-dramas -- on a good day, maybe even The Bachelor.
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