Age of Youth 2: The Ships Are Coming! The Ships Are Coming!


Ohmygah… There’s so much cute in this teaser, I don’t even know where to look. O_O The promos for Age of Youth‘s second season are already pouring out (I can’t believe it’s only four weeks away!) and they’ve got me SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. Eeeeeeeee!

The female-centric slice-of-life Age of Youth was my favorite drama of 2016, so I’m heading into this sequel with open arms… as well as a guarded mind. I was, of course, ecstatic to hear that the drama had been picked up for another season, but as more and more news came out, I had to accept quite a few big changes: Ryu Hwa Young wouldn’t return as Yi Na; Yoon Park wouldn’t return as Jae Wan; Ji Woo was replacing Park Hye Soo as Eun Jae… Whoa now. That’s a lot of changes actually. After growing attached to all of the housemates and their love interests, this was a lot to take in.

But then again, as much as I think I’m going to miss those actors, the announcements of all the new additions had me excited again. I mean, just look at all the wonderful people who’ve joined the cast! Let’s get into it with a shot-by-shot review of the latest AoY teaser:


We’ve got our first OG cast member Han Ye Ri as the oldest housemate Jin Myung. Yoon Sunbae is looking gorgeous after what must’ve been a great soul-searching trip to China.


Park Eun Bin is back as forever single and boy-crazy Ji Won. Looking as fun and flirty as ever.


Han Seung Yeon as sweet and girly Ye-eun, who got out of a terrible abusive relationship. She’ll be recovering from last year’s events and I’ll be looking forward to her slowly coming back to her old bubbly self.


And then Ji Woo as the ~new~ Eun-jae, the cute and shy maknae of the house. Now Park Hye Soo’s acting in the first season was one of the main reasons why I loved Eun-jae so much — there was a very realistic vulnerability and naivety in her. However, I do like Ji Woo a lot. And from all the stills and teasers so far, she does seem to have that signature innocence that Eun-jae had. This is the change I’m most scared of since I related to Eun-jae on such a deep level, but I’m choosing to put my trust into the writer and the new actress. I believe in you!


Loving the bright colors and sophisticated tone. Goes very well with our Belle Epoque girls. But if you’re new to the drama, don’t be fooled — it may seem all bright and happy from here, but once you enter the drama, you get some pretty heavy stuff. And that was always the best part. I loved how unafraid the drama was to showcase the different struggles in a young girl’s life, whether it be with family, boys, jobs or whatever.


But no worries! There was always plenty of cuteness too! We’re sure to get more of that, right?


And there are our girls all together. Gahhhh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.


The boys are here!


First up is Shinee’s Onew! ❤


Ahn Woo Yeon — the teddy bear I absolutely adored in family drama Five Children.


Kim Min Suk — the teddy bear from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Descendants of the Sun, and Doctors, just to name a few.


And rookie actress Choi Ah Ra as the newest Belle Epoque housemate Jo Eun.


The ships! They’re here! While this drama is most known for and deservedly praised for its friendships between the girls, it was also known for the adorable love interests. This seems like it could be an interesting one. A noona romance from the looks of it, which I love. I’ll miss Jin-myung with Jae-wan, but I’m curious to see where this goes. Will this really be a romance? Or just a friendship?


MAKE THIS HAPPEN, SHOW. That’s all I have to say. MAKE IT HAPPEN. #jiwonandsungmin


Again, it’ll be tough to get used to a new Eun-jae, especially when we get into the romance with Shin Hyun Soo as Jong Yeol. But dawww, these two do look very cute together… In season 2, Eun Jae and Jong Yeol have just broken up (NOOOoooOOOoo), which does mean we could see them get back together in their typical bickering manner. You can’t just break them up and keep them broken up!


HAHA. I love this casting. Now I see why they might’ve cast a model along with cutie Kim Min Suk. The height difference is beyond adorable.


If anyone could get Ye-eun out of the hell her ex-boyfriend dumped her, I’m sure it would be this cutie pie. While I want to see Ye-eun close with her girlfriends, I hope she’ll also be able to open herself up to love again.


Such a short teaser, but filled to the brim with so much cuteness! August 25th can’t get here fast enough!


Welcome back, girls! Changes be damned, I’m just so happy to have you back with a Season 2!


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