Ha, just kidding. That’s the beauty of Korean dramas—all the pretty oppas are there to share. Want a chillax date with Lee Min Ho? Go ahead, my friend! Want a melt-worthy back hug from Seo In Guk? Be my guest! Just have them back by midnight.

I’ve been a mild drama addict for 12 years, and a serious drama addict for 5 years. I blame the latter on all the oppas I’ve come to know and love. Dramas may have given me and everyone else extreeemely high expectations of love (thanks a lot, Lee Jong Suk; you’ve ruined me), but I believe that’s the fun of it. There’s nothing like sitting back after a long day and getting sucked into another spine-tingling thriller or heart-stopping romance.

Sure, we didn’t ask for the fangirl life, but I think it’s safe to say we’re all glad Oppa pulled us into it.


*Bonus trivia* If ya’ll are curious about the name SailorJumun, the story behind it is actually kind of lame. I wanted to incorporate Sailor Moon somehow because the character of Usagi is literally me—I may be the ditziest person you’ll ever meet, but I like to think I have a pretty big heart (cue cringing). As for the ‘Jumun’ part, I was trying to be punny and used my favorite K-pop song, “Mirotic (Jumun)” by TVXQ. Get it? Sailor Moon? Sailor Jum… Okay, I’ll let myself out.


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