Here are my favorite couples of all time. ♡ Unfortunately, not all of these ships sailed… To all those sunken ships, we salute you. You shall never be forgotten.


Mi Ho & Dae Woong – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (#1 OTP)

cp-otp  ihyv-otp2  ds-otp2  kiss

Han Kyul & Eun Chan – Coffee Prince  |  Soo Ha & Hye Sung – I Hear Your Voice  |  Soo Hyun & Hoon – Doctor Stranger   Dong Ha & Ji Yeon – Witch’s Romance

ftly-otp  p-otp  boab-otp  t-otp

Gun & Mi Young – Fated to Love You   Dal Po & In Ha – Pinocchio  |  Tae Hee & Geum Ran – Birth of a Beauty  |  Young Dal & Jung Hee – Triangle

 healer-otp  gwss-otp  s15-otp  ssl-otp

Young Shin & Jung Hoo – Healer  |  Mu Gak & Cho Rim – Girl Who Sees Smells  |  Eun Bi & Tae Kwang – Who Are You—School 2015  |  Dan Bi & King Lee Do – Splash Splash Love

mdbc-otp  skl-otp  tlahl-otp

  Ra On & Prince Lee Young – Moonlight Drawn by Clouds  |  Louis & Bok Shil – Shopping King Louis  |  So Rim & Han Gyul – The Liar and His Lover


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